Data Recovery from Crashed Windows

Among the various operating system used in most of the PC and laptops, Windows developed by Microsoft is the one that still dominates the world‘s PCs market. Because of its beneficial features like compatibility, safety and security, Windows systems are used for a variety of purposes especially for storing valuable data like files, documents, important pictures, audio, video clips, etc.

But unhappy things might happen to us at any moment of our life, whether we are prepared or not for it, just like the operating system crash which gives no warning in advance. This is why most of the people nowadays have developed the habit of maintaining a proper backup of their important files and folders from time to time.

We can definitely feel secure by using a backup tool to store our important data, however our worries of losing our important data might not end with this method, especially when a system crash or Windows crash happens. When Windows crashes, huge amount of data loss is bound to happen. And if we did not maintained a proper backup of our valuable data then we are in problem for sure, as being machines they might encounter some errors but in the process we may end up losing our important files.

I am using Windows 7 on my personal computer from the last few years. Within these years I have stored a lot of data from my office work to personal things in my PC. Yesterday I woke up and turned my computer on to check my emails, as I usually do first thing in the morning. A couple of seconds later a message appeared on the screen saying that Windows could not start because a system file was missing or corrupted. I restarted the system but it stopped completely resulting into Windows crash. It was a heart breaking situation for me as I lost a huge amount of important data. The sad truth about Windows crash is that it causes huge amount of data loss with in instance of time even before taking any precautionary measure.

Today it happened to me, tomorrow it might happen to anyone of you. Windows crashes has become a regular problem with PC users these days. But is there any way out to solve these type of problems? Will it be possible to recover data after Windows crash? If so!! How? …We can get out of this problem by using an effective and dependable software like Remo Recover (Windows) to get back files and folders which are lost after Windows crash.

Some of the reasons that cause Windows system to crash are:

  • Appearance of Blue Death Screen also known as BSOD results into crashed Windows.
  • Virus / malware is also responsible for making Windows system infected and finally crashing it as it may damage drives, remove system files or change important settings.
  • At times trying to use more than one operating system on your PC might crash your Windows system resulting into huge data loss
  • Even installing unauthentic third party tools which may later turn into Trojan horses or lead to malfunctioning of the OS are other factors.

Unique Features of Remo Recover (Windows):

Remo Recover (Windows) utility is an effective recovery tool which is designed specially to restore data from crashed Windows operating system with much comfort. It can successfully identify and recover more than 300 different file types like digital photos, media files, ZIP folders, spreadsheets , documents, email archives, etc. according to their unique signatures. Remo Recover (Windows) also recovers files when the hard drive doesn’t boot. This software has the facility to sort the retrieved data on the basis of name, date, size and file type. It can be easily used on all new and major versions of Windows operating systems. Even it is compatible with popular file systems like FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, and many more.

Because of its user friendly interface, this software can be used by any common man without any problem. To restore files and folders, this utility scans the entire drive deeply and even it provides the facility to save the recovery session for future use and the user can resume the scanning process any time they want. With all these attractive and beneficial traits Remo Recover (Windows) retrieves our valuable data successfully without even missing a single file.