Download Individual Google Docs, Slides and Sheets for Editing

Google recently updated its Google Drive service on Chrome for desktops. With this update, you can selectively choose specific files which you want to access offline. Till date, Google used to download every Doc, Slides and Sheet file for offline accessing and editing. But now onwards, you can access and edit only the necessary files which you need.

To avail specific files for editing offline –

  • Visit the Docs, Sheets, or Slides home screen. Then, switch on the Available offline  option in a file’s overflow menu (This feature is only available if you are working in desktop Chrome, and if your admin allows you to enable offline access in Drive)
  • Once the Available offline option is enabled, the chosen files will be downloaded by the system in the background
  • Now you can edit the required file. And once the connection is re-established, the file will get synced

This is not the only update rolled out by the search giant. Google updated a feature for Drive desktop app for OS X and Windows. If you start syncing everything, then the hard drive will run out of space, says Google. So, this update allows you to pick specific folders and sub-folders which you wish to sync and deselect the ones you don’t require. Moreover, the size of each folder will be shown by this app.

And that is not all; Google extended a feature to type Docs on Web within Chrome by using voice commands. This feature, which was rolled out earlier this year, allows you to use voice commands for editing.