Files Recovery after Installing Windows 7

Windows operating system developed by Microsoft is one of the well known OS utilized by most of the users across the world. This is because of its user friendly features, simple to understand operations and so on. Due to its extensive utilization and advancing technologies, Microsoft has launched its various versions with unique attributes. Among them, Windows 7 is recent version of Windows operating system. In order to exploit the features of Windows 7 OS, users should install it i.e. upgrade their version of operating system.

Basically, when we install new operating system only files of operating will be replaced and other data remains same. So, many of them will neglect to take backup of files when installing new operating system. Sometimes, this might become threat to data loss due to unpredicted circumstances. Here is one such example: where you want to install Windows 7 operating system to take benefits of its advancing features. But, while installing Windows 7 OS, your system will terminate suddenly due to power failure. After power regains, when you turn on system you will be shocked to know all the files available on your system where missing.

In such situations, you will realize the importance of backup. However, after losing files due to improper installation of Windows 7 OS you might conclude those files cannot be recovered back. But, data recovery after installing Windows 7 is possible with the help of reliable recovery tool called Remo Recover.

Why Remo Recover?

It is one of the reliable, secured, safe recovery tool that ensures 100% data recovery rate from Windows 7 system. This software is non damaging read only tool that will not modify original data during scanning process instead uses separate file for storing extracted data. It is designed with simple to understand interface which will explain each step by giving small description that makes installation process easy. It requires only nominal disk space for installation process. Since, this tool is embedded with advanced antivirus software completely free from all kinds of malware infections.

Other features of Remo Recover

  • It is capable of scanning entire drive in few minutes for quick retrieval of data from Windows 7 system
  • Facilitates a feature called Find, using which required files can be located from huge list of data by their unique signatures
  • Supports different file system like FAT16, FAT 32, NTFS, ExFAT
  • Compatible on all latest versions of Windows operating system
  • With the help of an option called Preview, recovered data can be viewed in advance prior storing them on your system
  • To have more knowledge about the product in advance, you can download demo version from internet before opting for purchased one

Other reasons responsible for losing files after installing Windows 7

  • Accidental Formatting – Most of the users of Windows 7 system lose their data due to accidental formatting. This usually takes place while formatting infected or unwanted drive, you might unintentionally format the drive containing vital files that results in data loss
  • Human Errors – While transferring or accessing files on Windows 7 system, users might accidentally click on delete option instead of send to or copy. In some other cases, users will delete files using shift + delete keys or command prompt that leads to permanent deletion
  • Improper Repartitioning Process – Repartitioning is a process of creating new partition or resizing the exiting one on your hard drive. If this process is performed utilizing unreliable third party tools will make some partitions inaccessible
  • Hard Drive Corruption – It is the default storage place for storing all kinds of files on Windows 7 system. If it gets corrupted due to unexpected logical errors like software clashes, hardware conflicts etc. then data available in it cannot be accessed
  • Other Reasons – Sudden power loss, abrupt system termination, file system corruption, malware infections, operating system crash etc. are other reasons for losing files from Windows 7 operating system

Beneficiary tips to remember

  • Maintain a copy of vital files in any external storage device or drive
  • Follow proper instructions for installing new operating system
  • Stop using the system immediately after losing files until recovery process is performed
  • Utilize updated antivirus software for scanning your Windows 7 system