Hidden Features of Apple TV You need to Know

Apple TV has not been updated in three years until its last fall. During this time, streaming devices from rivals such as Roku and Google took over the media streamer space. Yet, now the fourth generation Apple TV, Cupertino is ready to do battle.

One of the biggest changes to Apple TV is its remote which falls around $139.97; it also adds voice control from Siri and a touchpad. However, no need to mention about accelerometer and gyroscope inside for gameplay.

Fortunately, the App Store has been finally arrived on Apple TV via the new tvOS. Also, there are some streaming services like Netflix and Hulu ; networks including CBS, HBO, NBC, Fox and PBS and the original programming like M2M fashion channel. In addition, more streaming options are reportedly in the works as live TV is apparently on hold for now.

Though Apple TV is not obsolete, Apple sells it for $69 while the new one will set you back $149 (32GB) or $199 (64GB).