How to Get Back Files after Restore Factory Settings

Few months, I had divided my systems hard drive into three different partitions for storing data in an organized manner. Likewise, I divided the data available in my system and segmented for accessing the data easily. All of sudden don’t know what took place, my system started working very slowly and consuming more time for opening any applications. I tried all possible reasons for bringing my system to normal state but the situation was same. The last option which was mandatory for me is performing restore factory settings. Since, I was not having any other option performed that factory settings and bought my system to original stage. In this tension, forgot to take backup of important files present in my computer as a result of which lost complete files available on my system. Now, is it possible to get back files after restore factory settings?

Well, do not worry much as you can get back data after restore factory settings. Yes, it’s true with Remo Data Recovery software you can easily retrieve data even after restore factory settings.

What is restore factory settings basically?

Factory reset is software available in most of the electronic devices to bring back the device into its original state. That is it will erase the complete data available in the system in order to restore the system software into its original settings. In such instances, you  have to take backup of important data available in that system or else you will lose the data. So, before opting reset factory settings it is recommended to take backup.

Anyways, the files that are saved on system before creating restore points will remain unchanged. But, other documents, softwares, applications etc. stored after creating restore point will get deleted from your system. If there occurs any kind of interruptions in between factory setting process like error messages might corrupt the data. Another important point to remember, while restoring the device, it should not be terminated as it can cause data loss. However, when system is not restored properly even after restore factory settings will result in data loss.

Why restore factory settings should be done?

  • When the electronic devices gets affected from harmful infections very severely even after it is scanned using antivirus software, then factory setting is best option to bring the system back
  • When unreliable softwares, applications etc. are downloaded from unknown sites can make devices infected from various kinds of external threats resulting in factory setting option
  • If there take place severe data corruption or increased number of errors which cannot be resolved
  • When you want to erase all old softwares, data etc. from your system to bring back it into original state
  • In order remove personal data when you want to sell computer or buy new one
  • Improper system restore process, interruptions like power failures, abrupt system shut down, system crash, hard drive corruption and so on are other reasons for performing restore factory settings

Other notable features of Remo Recover

  • It has powerful built in scanning algorithms to get back files after factory settings at the earliest
  • Recovers data from corrupted, inaccessible, damaged, formatted, reformatted hard drive
  • Supports different file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and so on
  • Compatible with all the latest versions of both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Preview feature allows the users to view recovered files before storing on particular destination
  • Free trial version of the software can be downloaded from internet before purchasing paid version