How to Recover Deleted Data from Windows 7

“I am student of engineering, purchased first personal computer during my school days and from the day one till date using Windows operating system. Last month got to know about brand new version of Windows called Windows 7 OS and all my friends gave good reviews. So even I installed Windows 7 system to my computer but, the process of installation was not proper when I tried reinstalling Windows 7 OS again all the files got deleted. Now, can I be able to retrieve deleted files from Windows 7 system?”

When personal computer came into existence, the first operating system used was MS DOS but users found difficulties in its operation. Later, Microsoft developed a well designed operating system called Windows with user friendly features. Due to the excellent features and services of Windows, users are providing extensive support and to fulfill their requirements there are many versions released by Microsoft like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and many more. Among them the commonly used version of Windows is Windows 7 OS that provides more advanced features, supports users to install numerous applications of their choice, performance level is high, rate of data transfer speed is fast etc.

As Windows 7 operating system provides large memory space, user will save all important files but there are more chances of losing those essential data because of virus attack, unintentional deletion etc. If you are one among them to deleted data from Windows 7 operating system don’t worry!! You are in the right page to know about best recovery tool called Remo Recover. Using Remo Recover software you can recover deleted files from Windows 7 system within less span of time.

Here are few reasons responsible for data deletion from Windows 7 system

  • Virus attack
  • The data transfer from infected external storage devices, downloading applications from unknown sites etc. are some of the reasons from where virus gets transferred to Windows 7 OS. These infections are capable of replicating themselves and can delete some of the files from Windows 7 system
  • Accidental deletion
  • In spite of having large storage space, if there is no space on Windows 7 system to store new files users tends to delete older files. In such cases unintentionally if users select essential files instead of unwanted then deletion occurs.
  • Sudden power loss
  • While transferring or retrieving data from any devices like pen drives, thumb drives, portable hard drive etc. If there is a sudden power loss in between the process, it results in deletion
  • Antivirus Software – Every system including Windows 7 system should be scanned using antivirus software to keep viruses away. Sometimes, during scanning process is antivirus software comes across any infected files will delete it without prior information to users
  • Other Reasons – Sudden power surge, abrupt system termination, installation of unauthorized third party softwares, unintentional formatting, reformatting, file system corruption and so on

As discussed above, the best solution for recovering deleted files from Windows 7 system is by utilizing Remo Recover.

Why Remo Recover?

  • Remo Recover is optimal software to get back deleted files from Windows 7 system in few simple mouse clicks
  • With the help of a feature called Find tool, users can locate recovered files from huge data list
  • Apart from this, recovery tool is designed with a simple user interface, that helps new user to install effortlessly
  • With the help of an option called Preview, recovered data can be viewed before storing it on specific location
  • This software can be installed on various Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP and many more
  • Free Trial version can be downloaded from internet to check its efficiency before purchasing its paid version

Safety Measures

  • Updated backup should be maintained in any separate external storage device
  • Scan your system regularly using updated antivirus software
  • After deletion scenario, do not immediately use the system until recovery process
  • Avoid connecting unknown devices to Windows 7 system for data transfer process