How to Repair RAR Files

Remo Repair RAR software fixes all corrupted RAR files

What are RAR files?

RAR files are data containers. They store one or several files in compressed format. Since the file sizes are less, they occupy less space on your storage device. RAR files are easy to download and can be shared over the network.

WinRAR software can help you in creating RAR files as well as unpack them. WinRAR’s special compression algorithm can compress multimedia files, executables (.exe files) and groups of files extremely well. The tool also allows you to split archives into separate volumes, thus making it possible to save them on separate disks. WinRAR has a 256-bit encryption password and your authenticated signature, ensuring that all information you encrypt with WinRAR is completely safe.

Like most other files, RAR files are also prone to corruption. Once corrupted or damaged, you cannot extract any data from them.

Repairing RAR files

  1. Using WinRAR

WinRAR has an inbuilt tool to fix corrupt or damaged RAR files.

  • Open WinRAR application on your system.
  • Now click on File – > Open archive. Select the corrupted or damaged RAR file.
  • You can see the selected archive. Now click on the archive and go to Tools -> Repair archive.
  • Click on Browse to select a location for a repaired archive.
  • Once you selected the location, you can select the Archive type. You can check “Treat the corrupt archive as RAR” or “Treat the corrupt archive as ZIP”.
  • WinRAR will repair the corrupt RAR/ZIP file in a few seconds. The repaired and recreated file will be saved in your desired location.

Note that if the RAR file is severely corrupted, WinRAR tool cannot repair it. You will have to use a third party software to repair the file.

  1. Using Remo Repair RAR

Remo Repair RAR is well equipped to repair corrupt WinRAR files.  The software is capable of repairing password protected RAR archives as well.

Remo Repair RAR uses a non-destructive mechanism which ensures that your original RAR file is unaffected.

If you are looking for the ideal WinRAR repair software, Remo Repair RAR is the one. It can also repair RAR files over the size of 4 GB and files that have CRC errors.

Since a RAR file can contain multiple file types, Remo Repair RAR software can repair and successfully extract all kinds of file types.