How to Restore Lost/Deleted Document

There are numerous reasons due to which you may lose documents from your computer or other storage devices. For instance, the document might be deleted accidentally from computer or it may be lost due to formatting of storage device containing your important documents. When this happened, what will you do?

You might be thinking that, it is impossible to get back deleted or lost document. But the fact is, you can get it back easily, because when you delete or lost a documents from any devices, they will not erase permanently. Only their address pointer is removed from the File Allocation Table.  Hence, you will not be able to locate that particular document. But, you can get it back before new data will overwrite the deleted documents and make it unrecoverable. For recovering document, you need to use recovery software like Remo Recover.

Tips to avoid document loss in future:

  • Take backup of your important documents on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Avoid any kind of interruptions while transferring important document files
  • Check carefully whether you have selected right document to delete or not

Sometimes, even after taking these precautionary measures you may lose your crucial documents. In such situation Remo File Recovery software come in handy to restore all lost or deleted document recovery.

Remo Recover Tool- To get back lost or deleted documents…

Remo Recover software helps to recover lost documents from any storage devices in a couple of minutes. The lost or deleted document may be a PDF file, DOC file, DOCX file, etc.  It’s built in scanning algorithm scans the entire device memory to locate and recover lost or deleted document. You can also recover other kinds of files like video, audio, Excel files, PPT files and many more, with the help of this tool. It makes deleted or lost document recovery from various storage devices like internal or external hard drive, memory cards, pen drives and many more.

You can utilize this software for data recovery from many file systems including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT HFS+ and HFSX. The tool identifies and recovers document based on their unique signature. It even helps you to find required file from large list of recovered files using Find option. In case, if you want to pause scanning process and want to avoid rescanning of drive, then use Save Recovery Session option of this tool. With the assistance of an option called Preview, you can see the recovered documents ahead of time before saving into the destination. You can use Select File Type option to select particular type of document to recover.

Reasons for document loss:

Apart from accidental deletion and formatting of storage device containing your document files, there are many other reasons due to which you may lose your valuable document. Some of them are listed below:

  • Improper execution of cut and paste command while transferring documents from one device to another may lead to the loss of files from it
  • Forceful shutdown of computer while accessing or reading documents from it
  • Abrupt removal of storage device is also one of the reason for file loss
  • Corruption of storage device which contains your important document file is one of the other reasons for file loss.
  • Deleting the documents using Shift + Del keys or using command prompt is another reason for permanent loss of files as there is no chance of getting them back from Recycle Bin
  • Sometimes, you may also perform format operation on storage drive which results in file loss due to error messages like “Drive need to be formatted; Do you want to format it now?” etc.

However, when you encounter any of the above mentioned scenarios, then you can try Remo Recover tool in order to recover lost or deleted documents. No matter how you lose your important documents, you can make use of Remo Recover to bring back lost, deleted or missing PDF files, Word doc, PPT file, Excel Files, etc., from devices.

More about Remo Recover:

You can also make use of the trial version of this tool which allows you to scan, preview and recover all contents of the files before purchasing this tool. After getting full version of Remo Recover, you can save all recovered files in any desired location. The application supports Windows as well as Mac operating system.