How to Retrieve Data from RAW Hard Drive

Raw hard drive is a mode where your system fails to identify the file system of your hard drive. Usually, in such situations hard drive will not respond to any read or write operations due to which data present in it cannot be accessed. This happens due to file system corruption, wrong registry entries, malware infections and so on.

Let us consider an example: every hard drive contains a file system that maintains minute information of each file in an organized manner. Basically, it is a data structure utilized by operating system to identity files available on your hard drive. When file system of your hard drive gets corrupted due to logical errors like software clashes, hardware conflicts or virus attack will become corrupted. Once it gets corrupted, OS cannot access file system and in turn hard drive turns raw.

How to recover data from raw HDD?

When you come across such situations, the very next question you get is how to restore files available in raw hard drive? Don’t Panic!!! It is possible to perform data recovery from raw hard drive utilizing professional recovery tool. When your hard drive turns raw, you get an error status like raw drive, data storage space: 0. In reality, data remains on hard drive but cannot be identified as its address pointer will be removed. As discussed above, with the help of reliable tool like Remo Recover you can retrieve data from raw hard drive in few simple steps. But, you should avoid adding new data into hard drive unless recovery process is performed on it.

What are the reasons responsible for raw hard drive?

  • Virus Attack – It is one of the common external threat for raw hard drive. When hard drive of your system gets infected from infections via internet, unsecured devices used for data transfer process will self replicate. At some point, they can corrupt the entire file structure of your hard drive and turn it raw
  • Improper Usage of hard drive – While accessing or transferring data from hard drive to other external devices, if there occurs sudden power cut due to which system terminates abruptly might result in raw hard drive
  • Formation of Bad Sectors – Bad sectors are usually known as defective regions of hard drive. If hard drive of your system contains increased number of bad sectors due to many unknown scenarios will become raw
  • Other Reasons – Untrusted third party applications, software malfunctioning, improper formatting, reformatting, corrupt Master Boot Record etc. are other reasons for raw hard drive

 Tips to remember:

  • Do not add new files to raw hdd before recovery process
  • Maintain a copy of vital files in any secured backup devices
  • Install updated antivirus software
  • Avoid connecting external devices before scanning them for file sharing process

Why Remo Recover?

Remo Recover is one of the specially designed software that can be used for restoring files from raw hard drive in few simple mouse clicks. This tool can scan entire drive in few minutes using its built in powerful scanning algorithms for quick retrieval of data. It will create images on drive containing bad sectors using an option called Disk Image. So, that data from hard drive can be retrieved easily in later stage. It can be easily installed on different versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. Demo version of this software can be downloaded from internet to have exact knowledge prior purchasing it. 24*7 technical assistance will be available to resolve any kind of issues regarding installation or recovery process.