Retrieve Deleted Files from Lexar Memory Card

You may come across data loss scenarios while using Lexar memory cards in your system or laptops using card reader. It may occur due to accidental formatting or deletion of files from memory cards. There’s lot of difference between deleting a normal system file and the file which is deleted from memory card. The system file, when deleted will go to Recycle Bin which can be restored if needed. But the files which has been deleted from memory cards leaves you no trace of existence.

Sometimes due to corruption the memory cards may throw the following error message “The card has to be formatted. Do you want to format it now?” Unless you format you can’t be able to access any data from it. But if you use format option, then all the data gets deleted. Seems to be a tough situation right? Not anymore! You can recover back the data easily using Remo Recover tool.

What are causes for data loss in memory cards?

  • Accidental Formatting – Sometimes overloaded data in the memory card may frustrate you and you might have formatted the memory card in a hurry. Later you might have realized that some essential data is needed back from it.
  • Deletion – You might have deleted a file accidentally from the memory card which may result in data loss scenario.
  • Memory card corruption – Memory cards corrupted due to some external factors may urge you to format it. This may also lead to file loss.
  • Interruptions in data transfer – Sudden termination of data transfer or abruptly plugging out the memory card while moving the files from one device to another may result in data loss.

Data loss due to above mentioned or any other scenarios can be tackled in an easy way using Remo Recover software. It is compatible to use with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Recover Files from Memory Cards using Remo Recover Tool

Remo Recover offers faster recovery of deleted or lost data like audio files, videos and images from memory card. It has a powerful recovery engines that recovers even the digital RAW photos and various other media file formats. It has been designed with interactive user interface design which makes the recovery process hassle free. It is a multi-utility tool so that apart from memory cards it can also retrieve data from other devices like hard drives, USB external hard drives, iPods etc.

Remo Recover has advanced scanning algorithms which deep scans the cards which are corrupted due to any reason and recovers the files from it. The recovered data can be sorted based on their date, type and file size. Using “Find” option the data can be tracked easily. Before storing data, the user can preview the results and then it can be stored into desired location like external drive, CD/DVD etc. You can easily recover deleted files from Lexar memory cards using Remo Recover software.

Popular brands of memory cards supported:

Kingston, Sony, SanDisk, HP, Toshiba, Samsung, and Transcend etc.

Safety Measures

  • Use “Safely Remove Hardware” option while ejecting the memory card from the device.
  • Always have a backup of data from the memory cards before formatting or deleting the card.
  • Formatting the memory cards in computer instead of camera may result in data loss or corruption.
  • Avoid ejecting the memory card abruptly while it is transferring the data to device.