Windows Data Recovery Tool

You might delete or lose files from Windows system due to several reasons. Usually, when files are deleted or lost from Windows system they are not erased completely from it. The deleted or lost files are still present on the drive but its address links are erased from file allocation table. Hence, in order to access deleted or lost files you need to make use of Windows recovery tool. In this regard, Remo has designed Windows data recovery tool which helps in retrieving files from Windows systems in few simple steps. It can be any Windows version such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

Remo Windows Data Recovery tool

Remo Windows Recovery tool comes with advanced scanning algorithm which scans the entire drive to recover Windows data. The files can be documents, PDF, excel sheets, image files, video files, etc. this tool helps in recovering more than 300 file types. The user-friendly interface of the tool helps any sort of users in recovering files from Windows system without any hindrances. The recovered files can be classified according to files attributes such as file name, date, size and file type extensions. In case, if you have any queries while recovering files then contact support team which is available  for 24*7 to provide technical assistance.

What else Remo Windows Data Recovery tool can do?

  • Helps in retrieving files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT drives / partitions
  • Supports recovery of data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID 5 partitions
  • You can even recover data from bad sectors by creating disk images which bypasses bad sectors and later you can get back your files from these images
  • Provides an option to locate particular files from the recovered list with the help of in-built Find
  • Provides free demo version so that you can first view the recovered files and later purchase it with the help of Preview option
  • You can view recovered data either in File Type View which displays the recovered data on the basis of file extension or Data View option displays files and folders in a hierarchical view.
  • The retrieved files can be stored on any storage device CD / DVD and can be compressed to a ZIP archive to save disk space

Now you know about Windows data recovery tool, let us know the reasons behind data loss from Windows system:


You may accidentally delete important ones while removing some unwanted ones from Windows system and even empty the Recycle Bin or while shift deleting files from Windows system you may mistakenly choose the valuable file thus results in data loss from Window system. If the deleted file size is more than the assigned Recycle Bin size then the deleted file bypasses the Recycle Bin

File System Corruption:

If the file system gets corrupt then you cannot access the drive / partition on Windows system. File system gets corrupt due to various reasons such as hard drive failure, improper system shut down, increase in the formation of bad sectors on the drive and so on.

Interruptions during File Transfer: While transferring files from Windows system to some other external drive if any interruptions occur then it results in loss of files from Windows system. Interruptions can be sure to improper removal of the external device connected to the system, abrupt system shut down, etc.

Other Reasons: This includes improper usage of Cut Paste command, accidentally deleting important files from Command Prompt, Windows OS crash, etc.

No matter, whatever might be reason for Windows data loss with Remo Windows Recovery tool you can get back files in few simple steps.